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Hi! My name is Michelle Andersson. I'm an American-Swede with a passion for creating beautiful and well-functioning websites. I'm a nature enthusiast with a love for photography and cats. I'm always on the lookout for the next adventure and will jump at any opportunity to grow and learn something new. My passion for web development started as a curiosity for how websites work, which lead to a couple of months spending every free minute I had learning HTML and CSS through Khan Academy. To my great pleasure I was accepted into Pink Programming's intensive course for front end development. I now spend every day working on improving my programming skills and diving deep into the fascinating world of web programming and design.


  • Pink Programming
    • 2020
    • Front End Development

  • Halmstad University
    • 2019
    • Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development

  • Gothenburg University
    • 2017
    • Introduction to Marine Biology

  • Malmö University
    • 2014-2017
    • Bachelors in International Human Rights

  • Sundsgården Folkhögskola, Helsingborg, Sweden
    • August 2020- Present
    • IT Programming Course Coordinator

  • Ikano Bank, Malmö, Sweden
    • September 2019-February 2020
    • Credit Management and Customer Service

  • PwC Delivery Center, Lund, Sweden
    • December 2017-August 2019
    • Statistical and Quality Specialist

  • StormGroup, Malmö, Sweden
    • July 2017-September 2017
    • Sales Consultant
  • Multimedia
  • Computer programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop
  • Fluent in English and Swedish
  • Leadership and Education
  • HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Vue.js, React.js and Git/ GitHub
  • Wix and WordPress
  • Script-Writing, Translation, making instruction videos/ manuals


Below you can see a few samples of the work I have done together with a short description of the project, it's requirements and a view of the project. To see the live website, just press the image! If you are interested in examinging the code for the project, feel free to check out my GitHub.


This project was a client project for the nuns at Karmel in Rydebäck

Note: Full redesign of their website and update the content.

Built on: Wordpress, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

I was contacted by the Karmel nuns in Rydebäck and asked to recreate their website. Their site had not been updated in over 10 years and it was in need of a new design, fresh images, new text, and restructuring the site for better UX. Since the client had no specific design in mind, we spent some time discussing what it was they wanted. I created multiple design options for them and once we arrived at a design they liked, I recreated their whole website with the new design. I also updated their images and text as well as reorganize the website structure. The website is built in Wordpress, however I ended up altering the CSS, JavaScript, and PHP in order to fit the client's needs. Throughout the process I would send updates to the client to ensure I was on track with how they wanted the website to look and function. All in all the whole project took about one month of working on it in the evenings and weekends. In the end the client was very happy with the new website, and ultimately that is what is most important.


This project was to recreate a website that showed functionality within a timelimit.

Note: Desktop only. Suggested screen size: 1600px or larger.

Built on: HTML, CSS, Sass, Figma, JavaScript, SlickSlider, Google Maps API

The page was created from scratch based on a design in Figma. The project had a deadline that I was not only able to meet, but to finish before the deadline which gave me time to look over the details of the project and work out whatever issues there were before handing in the final project. I am very happy with how this page turned out. I feel the page looks good and functions well. I learned a lot about SlickSliders and how to use and style Google Maps API. Note that this project is currently only developed for desktop. It is designed for a screen of 1600px or larger. For best result you may want to zoom out your screen until you get the whole width of the page.

Bhromaon Travel

This project focused on making a functioning website that incorporated the basics of website development within a narrow timeline.

Note: Fully responsive design.

Built on: HTML, CSS, Sass, Figma

The website was created from scratch based on a design in Figma. It was to be fully responsive, have several images and sections with content, and be completed within a narrow timelimit. This was one of the more complex designs I have (at the time) created and am happy with how the result turned out. This project pushed me to think quickly and creatively on how to solve the problem at hand: how do I create this large landing page as complete as possible within my timelimit? This was a good challange in finding a balance between getting the page to look good and having the page be complete with all sections, information, and functionality.

Genesis Portfolio

This project focused on creating a layout for a portfolio of photographs and using Google Maps.

Note: fully responsive design. Three-page website.

Built on: HTML, CSS, Figma, Google Maps API

The project was created from scratch based on a design in Figma. The project also links between three separate pages on the website. This project was good practice for making separate pages of a site look cohesive and how to use flexbox and grids in the most optimal ways in order for the site to look good on all screen sizes.

Fluffy Agency

This project focused on creating a site that looked professional and realistic.

Note: Fully responsive design.

Built on: HTML, CSS

The design was based based on a layout from Figma. The site was to include features such as a form, buttons, links, and be responsive. Since this site was to look realistic, it was good practice for design and layout. It incorporated several different types of elements which had to work together to look good on all screen sizes which was a fun challenge.


"Very pleased with the quality and professionalism"

"Michelle is very professional! She approached my project with confidence and poise. I was very impressed with how fast she was able to accomplish my needs. She was able to update my current website, which is hosted on Wix.com. Previously, she was not familiar with this particular format, but she picked it up with ease. The elements she changed were:

  • Added a favicon based on logo
  • Changed the color of the title 'our services' in testimony
  • Added hover effect over all social media icons
  • Added 'book now' button to each page and have it lead directly to the booking page
  • Added padding to the title in 'services' and the content of 'testimony' so it does not go all the way to the edge of the mobile screen.

All in all, I was very pleased with the quality of her work and the professionalism she portrayed."

-Julie Vonesh, Alpine Design

"Professional, creative, and always good communication"

"Michelle was part of a project where we built a platform from scratch. The platform was about teaching newly arrived people about digital transformation. We created videos about different subjects and Michelle was the one who wrote the script, did the translation and added the subtitles. We are very happy to cooperate with Michelle and we really hope we will do more projects with her. Very professional, creative and always good communication."

-Taher Anosheh, Ecirkeln

"When we met Michelle we found just the person we had looked for"

"We had for several years searched for a person who could help us to renew our website. When we met Michelle Andersson we found just that person we had looked for.
She was very attentive and respectful towards our special way of life in the monastery - full of energy and enthusiasm and eager to do a good job. She was very open to our ideas and she showed much patience so that it matched what we were searching for. She worked very fast and at the same time very thoroughly. She made a very beatiful website for us and we are happy and grateful and recommend her to others."

-The Carmelite nuns in Sweden

"She has the gift to share knowledge with students"

"Michelle was my teacher during my studies with Sundsgården Folkhögskola, IT-programing. Michelle possesses great knowledge within her field, also she has the gift to share this knowledge with her students and support them in their intensive program. I found the IT-programing course material to be of high quality and relevant for what is requested of an aspiring developer.
Michelle is a great inspiration to me and has always been there to answer questions and to keep me in the right direction to further develop in this field."

-Helena Plantin, Student at Sundsgården Folkhögskola

"Thank you for creating this excellent course"

"Thank you for creating this excellent course. Of all the courses I have been enrolled in during the years, yours is by far the most educational. It is up to date and highly work-related. I will recommend it to anyone who is considering a career as a developer."

-Patrick Svensson, Student at Sundsgården Folkhögskola


I'm excited to hear from you! Please take a moment to contact me through the contact form below.